3 of Numarine’s Best and Newest Yachts at West Palm Beach Show 2019

This year (2019), Numarine brings 3 of its largest and newest yachts t0 the Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIBS). Located at 101 S Flagler Dr at West Palm Beach, Florida, the 34th annual PBIBS, between March 28-13, 2019. This year over $1.2B worth of yachts and accessories will be featured, among the large selection of yachts 3 particular yachts are a must watch for buyers and guests visiting the show this year:

Numarine 78 HTS – Smart Yacht with Virtual Concierge

Debuting this year, the first hull of the Numarine 78 HTS will turn some heads. This is the newest model by the Turkish shipyard and for the first time being featured at a boat show. The Numarine 78 HTS “Adonis” was showcased this year at the CES, consumer electronics convention in las Vegas early January. You may wonder, what is a yacht doing at CES, and how did you take it to Las Vegas?

It took lots of logistics (and money) to get it to Vegas from Los Angeles, but most importantly, the Numarine 78 HTS is what we would consider a “smart yacht” with lots of tech, so it fit perfectly at CES. This first hull of the Numarine 78 HTS was built in partnership between Numarine and Furrion; a global technology company based in Indiana, USA, that designs and manufactures products to enhance mobility living with luxury products and services.

The yacht has everything a normal yacht would; plus smart mirrors, a self deploying drone, and a virtual concierge that uses facial recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence. “Angel” which is Furrion’s equivalent to Siri (or Alexa), integrates seamlessly with the vessel to control almost every aspect of the yacht. It can customized your experience aboard like never before, suggest restaurants on land, activities, points of interesest at sea, etc.

Even if you are just looking for do something different this weekend at West Palm Beach, this yacht is a must and promises to cause awe! Check this video to see what we mean! 

The Numarine 26 XP – A Compact Yacht Explorer

The Numarine 26 XP, is the smallest model of Numarine’s Explorer yachts. What would be considered a “compact explorer yacht” in reality is not so compact; the interior volume of this yacht is astonishing. One thins that makes the 26 stand out among its competitors is its performance; it can reach 28 knots, whereas most explorer yachts of this size (85 feet) top-out maybe 15 knots.

Numarine 26 XP

It also comes with two hull versions, semi-displacement and a full displacement hull depending on your preference as a modern day Jacques Cousteau.

The Numarine 32 XP – The Apple-Inspired Yacht

Numarine 32 XP

In Numarine’s founder and CEO, Omer Malaz’s words, simplicity of use, engaging styling and seamless integrations of systems. Those were the guidelines he presented to the design team to building the Numarine XP. The Numarine 32 XP was exhibited at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2018, with an incredible reception, it also won the ‘Best Explorer Yacht Asia Boating Award’ last year.

Constantly in this industry we hear about the fastest, most efficient, most spacious yacht, but rarely we hear about the most quiet yacht. Numarine partnered with Dutch Company, Silent Line group; a company that offers innovative engineering solutions in the field of noise and vibration control in he yachting industry since 2001. Together they built the most quiet yacht in the world.

Numarine 32 XP

At cruising speed, its interior reaches a 45 dB(A), which is as loud as a library. The road doesn’t stop there, the Nuamarine 32 XP won’t be the yard’s largest yacht soon, as Numarine is set to build its flagship Numarine 45 XP, also along with Silent Line Group, to make the largest, most quiet yacht in the world.

Stop by Numarine’s booth at the Palm Beach International Boat Show to see this amazing yachts setting new standards in the yachting world.



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