Numarine 62 Fly Leaves Competition In Its Wake

  • A Captain couldn’t catch up with the Numarine 62 Fly, so he had to take the ride in it’s wake
  • Speed, strength and durability are inherent traits of all Numarine’s yachts

We were recently contacted by somebody interested in purchasing a Numarine 62′ Flybridge, after witnessing its performance on a trip to the Bahamas, in rough / choppy conditions.

Docked in the same marina as the Numarine, and taking off at the same time, this gentlemen had a 60 footer from a top British manufacturer. Try as he might, he could not pass the sleek and muscular Numarine as it cut through the waves with ease.

He tried pushing his boat to its max and going around, but even after several attempts, was unable to pass. The Numarine effortlessly took the lead, leaving the gentlemen to comfortably ride in it’s wake, thanks to the Numarine breaking the path for him.

He was so blown away by the Numarine’s performance that he contacted our sales office, and he’s considering becoming a member of the Numarine family.

Besides an abundance of comfort, elegance and space, this is an aspect of a Numarine Yacht that really makes it stand out from the pack — its performance.

Speed, strength and durability are inherent traits of Numarine’s yachts, and here is why…

Performance and Speed are Built Into the Owner of numarine, Not Just The vessels

“I was still relatively young but remember taking a speed boat out when the weather and waters were very rough and we pounded through the waves only to see how fast and how far we could fly.”Ömer Malazs, Founder / CEO / Owner of Numarine Motor Yachts

Stronger, faster, better… this was Ömer Malazs’ mantra when he set out to create a motor yacht designed to provide unparalleled performance and comfort.

“From my own experience spending leisure time with my family on board various types of motoryachts, I always felt there was something missing; I was always wanting more and our needs were never satisfied.”, says the Numarine CEO.

“Could we go where we wanted when we wanted?… Were my family safe and comfortable? The answer always came back as no.”

Numarine needed something to put them on the map, and it couldn’t be price — someone will always beat you on price… instead, Ömer decided to concentrate on superior construction and performance, and stopped at nothing to meet this goal.

Lighter, Stronger Hulls and Materials Allow Numarines to Fly Through The Waters At A much higher speed Than Other Brands

Numarine 62 FlyIn order to deliver on performance and fuel-economy requirements, Numarine gained inspiration from the aviation and racing industries, where intelligent material choices result in a stronger, lighter, yet more efficient weight distribution, resulting in exceptional speed and performance.

In order to reach this end, Numarine uses the latest in vacuum-infusion technology and lightweight composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber. Placed into moulds in a strategic order to gain the maximum benefit of each material, these layers of materials are then fused together under vacuum as the resin bonds all the elements together.

This building process results in a 60/40 glass-to-resin ratio, the optimal strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, all Numarine Yachts are post-cured to ensure full structural strength.

The result? A hull approaching the strength of steel, with a weight savings of 30% over traditional laminated hulls. This increased strength works to repel impacts in rough waters while the lighter weight delivers performance benefits and fuel economy.

(Note: Numarine’s confidence in its craftsmanship allows them to offer the very best warranty in the industry, with each Numarine hull coming standard with a full, 10 Year Structural Warranty.)

However, a smarter weight distribution, and a stronger & more aquadynamic hull are not the only reasons for the remarkable performance of Numarine Yachts… the intelligent hull design was also built around two powerhouse in-line engines with various upgrade options.

Powerful Twin ENGINES Capable of getting Up to 38 Knots Without Breaking a sweat –  Get To where you want to be, and fast

Numarine 62 Fly

The Numarine 62′ Hardtop and Flybridge models come standard with Twin Volvo Penta IPS 950 engines, capable of reaching max speeds of 35 knots and 28 while cruising (with a cruising range of up to 375 nautical miles). These are modern multi-directional drives which make handling a breeze, even when docking.

But this is just the intro option… the following engine upgrades are availables:

  • Twin Volvo IPS 1200
  • Twin MAN 1000 H.P. 2300 rpm (cruising range of up to 425+ miles)
  • Twin MAN 1200 H.P. 2300 rpm
  • Twin MAN V8-1200 H.P. 2300 rpm
  • MAN V-12 1550 H.P. 2300 rpm

The Twin MAN V-12 1550 H.P. option is capable of reaching up to 38 knots with a push (in the 78′ hardtop).  Even at this speed, you will hear no creaking or moaning from joinery or bulkheads. The 100+ footers obviously lose a bit of speed, but come with Twin CAT or MTU engines capable of reaching 30 knots and cruising ranges of up to 500 nautical miles.

Yes, all boats will work a little bit, but a Numarine will quietly and solidly slice through even the roughest sea conditions like nothing…

Power, Strength, Speed… support REMARKABLE space and luxury

While performance is a major strong suit of Numarine’s Motoryachts, please don’t think comfort and luxury take a back seat…

Numarine mostly designs in-house, but do not hesitate to bring in outside architects and designers – in this case Umberto Tagliavini as the naval architect. Locals, Gurit, do the structural engineering and Numarine’s long-time lead designer, Can Yalman, handles the concepts, lines and interiors.


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