Miami Yacht Show 2019 – Save The Date For Valentine’s Day, Lovers!

  • Miami Yachts Show Has a New Venue

  • Numarine debuts its Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition

  • Numarine’s Explorer Compact Yacht Also Debuts in Miami

New year, new me! That’s right, the Miami Yacht Show has a new location for its 2019 venue and we are really excited to see how the show unfolds this year from Feb 14-18. Moving away from busy Miami Beach, this year Show Management moved the show’s location at One Herald Plaza between the Venetian and MacArthur causeways.

Showcasing the world’s most extraordinary and unique yachts, in one of the yachting capitals of the world, the City of Miami. Not only yachting aficionados are thrilled for the new fresh look and layout this year, but also the locals because traffic is expected to be less chaotic being near several interstate highways and having more access roads than at Miami Beach, the show’s past location.

Numarine 78 HTS

Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition

The show is not the only one getting new looks and location, Numarine is also exhibiting for the first time in Miami its new Numarine 78 HTS, built in collaboration with Furrion Designs, a global technology company based in Indiana, USA, that designs and manufactures products to enhance mobility living with luxury products and services. Their portfolio includes electronics, appliances, solar panels, autonomous navigation, power management, robotics, you see where I am going with this.

Numarine 78 HTS Furrion Design Edition

Together they managed to build one of the most technological and modern yachts of the 21st century, with build-in Artificial Intelligence, capable of deploying a drone for surveillance and many other applications to come such as locating objects on the surface or men-over-board. Sounds like a yacht from a James Bond Movie right?

Numarine’s new 78-footer has the very best of Furrion’s technology including audiovisual electronics, kitchen appliances, smart mirrors, and everything you would expect in a luxury yacht. However, one of the things that sets the Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition apart from other yachts is “Angel,” a built-in virtual concierge powered by artificial intelligence.

“Hey Angel, turn on the lights” is just one of the many commands your own virtual concierge can do for you aboard the Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition. Angel is powered by a network that responds to every one of your moves, voice and has facial recognition as well. It can learn your personal preferences to customize your experience and deliver weather information, news, play music, guide you through your morning workout, turn on lights, lower the blinds, turn on the shower, and much more.

Numarine 26 XP

Numarine 26 XPAlso for the first time in the Miami Yacht Show, the compact explorer yacht from the Turkish shipyard will be exhibited, the Numarine 26 XP. This yacht features a “Silent Package” by Silent Line Group, a Dutch company that offers innovative engineering solutions in the field of noise and vibration control for the yachting industry since 2001. Silent Line Group is the only company in the world that offers guaranteed low noise and vibration levels in accordance with or even lower than comfort class 1.


Numarine 26 XP

It houses a lithium-ion battery system which allows all the necessary systems and equipment to run without the generators running. Below deck the noise, with generators running, may be a whisper-quiet 35 dBA, like being inside a library. Cruising at 18 knots and reaching and outstanding 28 knots max speed thanks to its twin 1,550 hp MAN diesel engines. The noise within the lower staterooms, with close generators running, may be a whisper-quiet 35 dBA, like being inside a library.

Numarine 26 XP

Many new things are coming to this show, specially with the never-seen-before Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition, which debuted earlier this year in the United States at the CES Convention in Las Vegas. Make sure to stop by, and ask for an exclusive tour with Citimarine Yachts, authorized Numarine Dealer. 


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