A Yacht From The Future – Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition

  • Numarine and Furrion collaborated to build Adonis, a 78-foot smart yacht with A.I.

  • Adonis is equipped with the latest technology and virtual concierge to make your time at sea more enjoyable and capable of deploying a drone for surveillance.

  • Smart mirrors throughout the yacht with interactive screens.


Like pulled out of a James Bond movie, Adonis, a luxury 78-foot smart yacht built by Numarine with a collaboration from Furrion debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) which serves as the Global Stage for Innovation in Las Vegas, Nevada early January.

CES is a proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies, and has been for the past 50 years, and this year (2019) for the first time ever, a yacht was exhibited and everyone gazed in awe at the 78-foot yacht sitting inside a convention center in Las Vegas.

Many people at the exhibition were curious if this was an actual vessel or just a mock-up, yes, this is a fully operating yacht powered by a Twin MAN 1550 HP V12 Diesel engines, capable of a top speed of almost 40 knots. How they were able to bring this massive boat to the middle of the desert is a story for another time, but it involved a lot collaboration from dozens of people including police officers, operators and money. It also holds the record for the largest marine move in land, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, about 700 miles through the Rocky Mountains.


A short background on Adonis:

Numarine –

A European motor yacht builder based in Istanbul, Turkey, with a 35,000 square meter facility and the capacity to build 50 vessels per year ranging from 62 feet to 105 feet. Numarine was recently included in the top 20 semi-custom yards in the world by Boat International Media, but of course, since Numarine has amazed the world with their innovative design and state of the art production since its inception a little more than a decade ago.

Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition

Furrion –

A global technology company based in Indiana, USA, that designs and manufactures products to enhance mobility living with luxury products and services. Their portfolio includes electronics, appliances, solar panels, autonomous navigation, power management, robotics,…honestly this sounds like a villain’s lair from a James Bond movie…but the truth is that Furrion made the Numarine 78 HT a truly unique floating A.I. machine (yes, A.I. as in “Artificial Intelligence”…continue reading).

Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition

The Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition-

The 78-footer has the very best of Furrion’s technology including audiovisual electronics, kitchen appliances, camera and security monitoring, smart mirrors, a jacuzzi, a small sport flybridge on top, 4 cabins inside, crew quarters, full kitchen and everything you would expect in a luxury yacht. However, the Numarine 78 HT Furrion Design Edition comes with ‘Angel’ a built-in virtual concierge powered by artificial intelligence.


Angel integrates seamlessly with the vessel to control almost every aspect of the yacht. Powered by a network that responds to every one of your moves; it uses facial recognition to learn your personal preferences to customize your experience. It can deliver weather information, news, order food from the kitchen, play music, guide you through your morning workout, turn on lights, lower the blinds, turn on the shower, and much more.  Thanks to Angel’s built-in A.I., it can learn your preferences and suggest things like activities, and restaurants you may like while in port. A voice module is located throughout the yacht, and with the simple command “Hi Angel” it will listen to your command and execute it.


Smart Mirrors-

Every mirror in the yacht is a Furrion Smart Mirror with an interactive display. Touch the mirror or ask Angel to turn it on for you and navigate through several screens and widgets, just like in a tablet or a touchscreen. You can check the news, weather, social media, email, and watch TV also. Now, a great feature about Angel is that it works in offline mode as well. The information is pulled and stored from the internet so its functionality is not interrupted, and once it finds a connection it will sync and update automatically. More functionalities for the Furrion Smart Mirror are currently being tested.

Smart Security-

Unless you are actually some sort of real-life James Bond, this feature is not that useful; However, it shows the technological capacity of artificial intelligence and let’s be honest, it looks really badass! Angel can deploy a drone to provide security surveillance of the surroundings or take photos with a voice command, and Furrion is currently working to add new features and functions. It could be deployed to track men-over-board, check hazards ahead, track fish, even bring you food from the port, who knows right? The possibilities are limitless with today’s technology.


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