Numarine 32 XP – Before/After Walkthrough

The Numarine 32 XP started a new era for Numarine Performance Yachts by introducing the Turkish Shipyard’s first “Explorer Yacht”. As you may know, “Explorer Yachts” are trendy right now, the concept of being the modern Jacques Cousteau is hot in the yachting industry today. Explorer yachts are made for long cruising or in Numarine’s words, making “the world a much smaller place”.

The Numarine 32 Xp, is the middle-sister of Numarine’s XP line. The Numarine 26 XP (85 ft) being the smaller sister is what Numarine defined as a compact explorer yacht, and Numarine’s new flagship, the incredible Numarine 45 XP, which features a private oasis, with a waterfall feature including at the bow.


Make sure to check out this video of the Nuamarine 32 XP. It’s a before and after of the Numarine 32 XP.


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