Get Your Anchoring Skills Sharpened – 5 Best Anchorages In The Caribbean

Assuming that your yacht is equipped with a water-maker (check this link for a water-maker guide), and a tender to help you get to shore [Looking for a tender? Check this link!], there is absolutely no reason why you should dock your yacht. If the cost of a marina slip concerns you, that alone should be enough reason to throw your anchor on the bay instead of docking; but you will also avoid the tumult of towns and enjoy a more peaceful stay while you play Jack Sparrow.

The Caribbean is full of wonders, and it’s really hard to narrow it down to just 5 spots. Based on personal and friend’s experiences; these are 5 of the best anchorage spots in the Caribbean in no particular order.

How to anchor your boat – CitiGuide

Nonsuch Bay – Antigua

Located on the East coast of Antigua. There are about 2 square miles of enclosed waters at Nonsuch Bay, which are protected by a coral reef barrier. It’s a great place to wind-surf, scuba dive or just enjoy the breeze. There is a narrow passage entering the bay, so make sure your charts are updated and have someone on the bow on watch just in case. There are several places to dine-in and beautiful towns on shore to visit as well.

Tobago Cays – St Vincent & The Grenadines

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, of course the Tobago Cays which consist of the uninhabited cays: Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby. There are plenty of anchorage spots around the cays and its turquoise waters since it is a huge shallow expanse of sand. The Horseshoe reef protects the cays, and also provides abundant marine life; perfect for snorkeling around. There is pretty much nothing else between the Tobago Cays and Africa.

Britannia Bay, Mustique – St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Just north of Tobago Cays, the Island of Mustique offers not only shelter from strong currents and beautiful beaches, but also an amazing architecture for those who like to wander on land. There is also a lot of entertainment happening on Brittania Bay, bars and restaurants light up the night on this Caribbean paradise.

Soufrière Bay (Pitons) – St. Lucia

Also considered a world heritage site by UNESO, the Pitons of St. Lucia which its marine area is 60% covered by coral reefs, is a divers’s paradise. There are some mooring buoys around, since anchoring is prohibited since the whole bay is a Sea Park. At the harbor’s office they can provide a map guide for mooring spots. St. Lucia is home for many rare fauna and flora, not just under the water, but also on their peaks.

Colombier Bay – St. Barths

Colombier Bay is located at the north-west of St. Barths. Situated at the bottom of a steep, rocky hill, this paradisiac beach which often referred to Rockefeller Beach, since David Rockefeller owned the hills surrounding the beach for years, is definitely one of the best anchoring spots in the whole Caribbean. Very secluded, since there is no road access, unless you take a 1-mile hike, but mainly accesible by boat.


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