The Revolutionary Electric-Powered Hydrofoiling Watercraft

The Ultimate Personal Watercraft

The “Uber” Of The Waterways

You may want to find more space in your super yacht garage for this Quadrofoil personal watercraft with hydrofoil technology.

So what is hydrofoil technology anyway? Well, the short answer is that they work like the wings of an airplane. In simple terms, as the foils move through the water they deflect the flow, which exerts a force in them. When the force is upwards, the faster the watercraft moves, the greater the lift.

In this case, the wings don’t need to be as large as an airplane because water is about 800 times denser than air, so the foils don’t require the same surface area to be able to lift the watercraft. As thе watercraft gоеs faster, it lifts uр out оf thе wаtеr completely until thе wаtеr nо longer tоuсhеs thе hull, decreasing drag and allowing greater speeds.


This is not new technology, in fact, foiling technology can be traced back to the late 1800s when Enrico Forlanini, an Italian inventor, began working on a foil system, and in the 1960s a private hydrofoil yacht featured in James Bond’s Thunderball.

So, who are these new players in the hydrofoil world? Quadrofoil, is a high-tech electrical engineering company based in Slovenia that wants to change the way society embraces water sports and transportation. Their goal is to produce state-of-the-art, eco-friendly and energy efficient vessels.

This is the ultimate personal watercraft, but Quadrofoil has much more ambitious plans in the future. Just as other more familiar companies like Uber, Lyft, Bird, and Hyperloop, Quadrofoil wants to offer a solution for crowded cities, by transferring transport to the open waterways and shifting they way people commute everyday. Also, they are developing frameworks for autonomous Quadrofoil. So, pretty much what all these giant tech companies are doing with cars, but on the water.


The Quadrofoil is powered by battery system which offers a range of over 60 miles in a single charge. It also features a silent motor with zero emissions, which gives these watercrafts access to protected eco-zones where jet skis and tenders are not allowed. It drives as a car, with an integrated steering wheel, touch screen display with all the information needed to operate the watercraft and also meets every single safety standards with anti-collision systems and according to the company, unsinkable.

Currently the company is offering two models, the Q2A and Q2S. They also manufactured 100 units of a Q2S limited edition Quadrofoil which sold out. Plans to build more of these limited edition vessels are unknown, but we are confident this company will come up with fantastic new products in the near future.


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